Silversmithing & Jewellery Making Techniques

Here are some of the Silversmithing techniques I've learnt over the years. I hope this section will be helpful for anyone curious about how their custom jewellery is being made, and inspiring to students and other jewellers.

I'll be adding more information, 'how it's made' videos and photos to these sections when I have time. 

My Grandmother Casty Cobb was a silversmith (so was her Mother), I was lucky enough to learnt from her as a child. She taught me the basic jewellery making skills until she died when I was 18.

For several years after she died I learnt from a small group of her favorite students (some of whom had been studying with her for over twenty years).  In my early twenties I worked occasionally with Poppy Dandiya and also had some guidance from goldsmith Christophe Gordon-Brown (now a sculptor).

Since then I've been mainly self taught. Learning from books and more recently Youtube. 

There are So many more techniques I hope to learn when time allows - Etching and design for 3D printing are top of my wishlist at the moment. There is always more to learn!