Spring Tweets & Photos from Fulboun Fen

Fulbourn Fen a nature reserve managed by the Wildlife Trust is almost on my doorstep, so after hours sitting still at my workbench absorbed in minutiae, a walk to stretch my back and bring my eyes back into focus is often needed.

The beautiful, sometimes surreally idyllic meadows and woods give me a place to change gear inbetween jobs, or let a problem fade away and often resolve itself.

This has been my first spring with a good digital camera. I've spent years walking here, but recently by taking photos more regularly I've become aware of hundreds of things that have been in front of me this whole time. Light and shadows, shapes and tiny details that I would normally just walk past or take for granted. Photography makes you slow down and look more carefully.

Everything out there is constantly changing so it Needs photographing! It's an endless supply of design ideas. . .

Here are a few photos and tweets from this past spring.