Wildlife Trust - Photos Etched on Silver

I've been making silver jewellery using photos of Fulbourn Fen. 10% from each piece sold will be donated to my local wildlife trust. Here are a few of the available designs.

I'm lucky to live next to Fulbourn Fen - 77 acres of old meadows and woodland just a few miles outside Cambridge. During thousands of walks over the years I've seen plants grow and die back, huge trees fall, rare orchids spread. Each summer a new herd of cows with their different personalities come to graze the meadows. It's a great source for design inspiration and a beautiful place to relax after hours at the workbench.

Fulbourn Fen is one of over a hundred nature reserves managed by my local wildlife trust  - Wildlife Trust Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire.

Moon in the Moat - Fulbourn Fen

The trust does lots of great stuff. They work with landowners to restore natural landscapes, making them more supportive to diverse and delicate ecosystems. Linking and preserving fragmented habitats to create wildlife corridors allowing creatures to move more freely. 

The UK wildlife trusts campaign for environment friendly legislation, they run educational projects to encourage people to enjoy and appreciate wildlife. As Cambridge spreads and developments pop-up everywhere the work they do is even more important. 

I've been taking more photos on my walks in recent years. Here's a selection.

Last year I started using some of these photos to make jewellery using a photoetching technique. 

I'll be donating 10% of each piece sold to the Wildlife Trust BCN*.
*  (Charity number 1000412) 

These are either available to buy or can be made to order.  More to follow soon! 
(I'll be showing them at Blackthorpe Barns in November).