Highlights 2018

Here are highlights from my orders and experiments, as well as photos of random beautiful things. All taken in the past year or so. These are the Images that got the most love on my Instagram.

Best 9 Rings
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Several of this years bespoke rings used the customers own gemstones and gold. New life was given to old family jewellery and gems stashed away for decades after travelling to exotic places. Making new wearable things from unloved bits of jewellery is very satisfying!


Best 9 (non silver) Instagram.

As an antidote to sitting still focusing of tiny, shiny things for hours on end, I go for long walks and take photos whenever I can. Many things I capture give me ideas for things I’d like to make. When time allows, these photos get translated into silver, it usually it takes months or sometimes years.


Instagram is a good place to edit, filter and share the best of these photos. Colours, textures or patterns kept safe and accessible for future design reference.

Best 9 (Non Rings) Silver of 2018
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Orders for bespoke rings have taken up most of my workbench time this past year. Here are a few photos of things other than rings, that got love on Instagram.

Abi Cochran Best Silver 2018

I got a little more time for enamelling (not nearly as much as I’d like!). I’m hoping to find time in 2019 to try Plique-a-jour again, something I’ve not done for years - using the coloured enamel to form tiny transparent sections in silver frames (think miniature stained glass) a fiddly, tricksy technique but So satisfying and beautiful when it works!

With a lots of practise I got a little better at the art of Keum Boo (another fiddly technique, fusing pure gold leaf to silver). And I got a bit carried away designing some dragonfly wings!

I’m hoping for a peaceful year with fewer distractions than the previous few.
Live in hope! Happy New Year Everyone!